New BRCA Covid Guidelines

***UPDATED 15/09/2020 @ 22:45

Face Masks Mandatory at all times from 14/09/20• there is now the requirement for all participants to wear a face mask in all areas of the venue at all times• the removal of individual personal exemptions from wearing a face mask; these persons will no longer be allowed to attend• enhanced powers to intervene and penalise any transgressions 

Download the guide: Face Mask Requirements V2Below you will find the Information you need to know regarding possible events at your local club (if the club plan to run them)

There are seperate pages for each country.

 Getting Back on Track – Update 7th Aug 20

The links below contain Only the Information released by the Government, devolved national assemblies and national sports governing bodies. 

Each one will be updated as the situation chnages BUT do remember that there will normally be a delay of a day or two between what you hear on the news and us getting the detail through.

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