Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What classes can I race at KMRC?

A:  At KMRC we race 1/8th scale Nitro Buggies and Truggies. We also run electric 1/8th scale on our normal race days.  If there are sufficient truggies and electric buggies, they will have their own heat.  If not, they will run alongside the nitro buggies.

Q: I’m new to the hobby/sport. What kit do I need for racing?

A: To get yourself started you will generally need the following:

  • 1/8th scale buggy or truggy ready to go
  • A personal transponder for tracking and recording your race position and stats (e.g. MyLaps Harry transponder is compatible with our race system)
  • Tools and spare parts
  • Spare wheels/tyres
  • Starter box (if using a non-pull start engine)
  • Spare receiver batteries (charged)
  • Fuel and Fuel bottle (fuel can be purchased at the track)
  • Glow starter/s
  • Gloves for marshalling
  • Small foldable table for setting up and tinkering
  • A friend to help pit for you (not 100% necessary as you can ask people down at the track to help if they can, but if you’ve got a willing friend it helps)
  • Hi Vis Jacket
  • BRCA Membership

Q: Do I need to be a member to race at KMRC?

A: No although as a member you do get a discounted race day entry as well as a say in how the club is run via our AGM, Remember membership to KMRC is only £30 and can save you a massive £60 through the course of a seasons racing !!! and even more if you have children that race as your membership entitles free junior membership

Q: What skill level do I need to be to race at KMRC?

A: KMRC believe in allowing all skill levels to race together and learn from each other. We have a great reputation for bringing drivers through from beginners to regular A finalists and have the team and members on site to help you achieve your goals.  Heats are graded by ability so you will be racing with drivers of a similar level

Q: Do I need BRCA membership to come along and race?

A: There is a requirement for insurance to come along and race, however, as a club we are affiliated to the BRCA and because of this you are allowed 2 meetings covered by our insurance before you have to become a member of the BRCA to continue racing.

Q: Does the club have handout transponders?

A: KMRC no longer has handout transponders.

Q: What Is Marshaling? How Do I Marshall?

A: In RC car racing, the drivers (or their nominated substitute) from the previous race stand in strategic positions around the race track. Their job is to right crashed cars and replace disturbed corner markers etc. Any car that has broken down is placed next to you and it is the pit man’s responsibility to collect this. When marshaling, try to watch only your corner and not the race, marshal any crashed cars as quickly as you can, but take care not to disrupt any other cars on the race track. It’s best to marshal a car as you would expect your own car to be marshaled. Please note that the minimum age for a marshal is 12 years old.  Younger drivers will need to nominate an alternative marshal who MUST have BRCA membership

Q: How Long Is A Race?

A: Usually KMRC run a 6 minute practice round followed by 3 rounds of qualifying heats of 6 minutes Following this ALL drivers will get a place in a respective final (this is decided by times done in qualifying) Finals are a usually 20 minutes long (subject to number of drivers, weather etc)

Q: Can I practice at KMRC when there is not a race meeting on?

A: Due to sharing the field with the local RC flight club we are currently unable to use the track any other time than scheduled race days. ANYONE FOUND TO BE USING THE TRACK WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE FROM THE CLUB!

Q: How can I find KMRC?

A: Pleas head over to our FIND US page for more info