KMRC Rules & Conditions

KMRC does not wish to impose lots of rules and regulations, but here are a few BASIC rules and conditions which we would like you to adhere to, they are in place for the protection of the club but more importantly your safety.

A current BRCA membership is compulsory to anyone entering the track compound and pit lane. If you are spectating, please remain outside the fence, for your safety

Hi Visibility jackets must be worn when entering the pit lane.

The pit lane is entered from the warming up bench and you must exit to your left.

When leaving or entering the rostrum please use the correct access or egress.

Anyone found using the track without prior consent from the committee will be banned.

On race days, due to the strict planning regulations imposed on the club, no car engines are to be started until 10am, unless prior consent has been arranged by the committee.

 Always use the rostrum provided and in a safe manner.

Please be courteous to other drivers and marshals. Foul language will not be tolerated.

The supplied Hi Visibility jackets at the marshal points must be worn.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to marshal,or enter the pit lane, a suitable substitute must be provided.

Do not run your car in the pit area, only use the track area after consulting with race control to confirm that it is okay to do so.

Please respect the environment and take your litter home with you as there are no bins provided at the track.

During the rolling start at the beginning of each qualifying heat, DO NOT stop and wait for the start signal before crossing the line.

DO NOT drive your car the wrong way around the track in order to reach your mechanic at any time. This is a very dangerous and can result in a serious injury to a marshal as well as damage to other cars. Always return to pit lane by completing the lap you are on

Always have your BRCA card to show when requested

Any abuse whether vocal or physical will not be tolerated any member or visitor doing it will be asked to leave the track immediately and could be banned from the club.

Bookings are to be made via the website and payment completed online. No cash will be taken at the track.

From time to time photographs and videos will be taken of the events and published on our website/ social media platforms. This inevitably means there may be some images taken of yourself within these platforms.

By attending/entering in to any Kent Model Rally Cross meeting or event run at Kent Model Rally Cross you and your property are there at your own risk.